In order to follow a baby swimming programme, you will need:

Required documents:

  1. A medical certificate by a pediatrician for your child and 1 passport photo (the photo is optional)
  2. A medical certificate by a pathologist/general practitioner, a dermatologist and a gynecologist for the mother
  3. A medical certificate by a pathologist/general practitioner and a dermatologist for the father

(For your medical certificates, we recommend you to contact either the St. Luke Hospital or Sarafianos Clinic where there are special prices for our members.)  Come to ask us for more info!


  1. A swim nappy with double padding
  2. Special waterproof diapers
  3. Swimming caps and goggles (only for children over 3 years old)
  4. Slip resistant flip flops and a bathrobe or towel for both parents and children
  5. The necessary cosmetics for children and parents
  6. A woolen cap for exiting the indoor venue
  7. 7. A swimming cap for the parents who enter the swimming pool